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The Real News

The situation in Ukraine today is tense and dynamic, and the outcomes will decide our future. Yet an abundance of misinformation threatens our success. Get the facts here.

A lot of the current news coverage doesn’t reflect the reality in Ukraine. Westerners are far away, and know little about life here in Ukraine today. Likewise, many don’t recognize the particularly imperialist views of Putin himself. “The collapse of the Soviet Union was the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.”

Worst of all, Putin has mobilized his propaganda machine. Sources like deliberately disseminate false information and cooperate in cover-ups. Unfortunately, many people looking for “Ukraine news today” unwittingly accept their lies as truth.

From Within Ukraine

I live with my family in Kharkov, Ukraine. (Read about us). It’s confusing and scary now; we don’t know what will happen tomorrow–to Ukraine, to Kharkov, to us. But I’ve hurriedly created this news website to set the record straight.

Since it directly affects us, we currently scour the news several times per day. Here we present the best articles (and worst) that we find. We link to them for your convenience and provide some additional insight from a Ukrainian perspective. We’re more than just talking heads; we are living this news today.